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Successful Traders / Investors avoid making this mistake!


Do you Trade / Invest with a Consumer mindset?

In this post, we will look into what exactly a Consumer Mindset is!

We will also find out how it can affect your Trading / Investing negatively!

And, we will also look at a simple solution which you can use to avoid making this thought process mistake!

Consumer Mindset - What is that?

In our every day life, We think like a Consumer in everything we do!

We are all Consumers! Now you might ask, what is this Consumer mindset?  And what does it have to do with Stock market Trading/Investing?

A Consumer mindset always focuses on 2 things - 1. I will surely get something out of whatever I Buy or Do! Profit / Enjoyment or some other benefit! 2. I will be able to adjust / modify, things/people/my purchases to fit my requirements!

These 2 things are always there in the mind of a Consumer while buying anything / doing something!

So, what's wrong with this mindset? If you have this mindset while Buying / Doing something for Consumption (for your personal use), then this way of thinking might work!

Never Trade / Invest with a Consumer Mindset!

But, if you bring this way of thinking to your investment / trading, then you are digging a hole for yourself! 

Lets say you Buy shares of a company. When will you benefit? Of course only when the share price increases! But ... it is not necessary that the share price will only increase! Isn't it? Whether the share price increases or not, depends upon market conditions and the performance of the company! You will not be able to adjust / modify anything here!

Isn't it?

And that is why, If you bring your Consumer mindset while buying shares and think that you definitely will make a profit ... you might be in trouble! And, If you Buy Shares thinking that you will definitely get at least close to your expected price every time while selling, i.e. if you think that you will not loose money ... your problems are surely going to increase!

This looks pretty simple to understand. Right? But still we see a huge number of people bringing their consumer mindset into their investment/trading activity!

What's the solution?

Never invest/trade with a consumer mindset!

Always look at investment/trading like a Business!

For having a Business like approach, you will need to LEARN 3 SKILLS -

1. How to decide on your Entry level, Target, and Emergency exit before BUYING? 2. When to simply Observe Market Movements and when to actually Buy/Sell? 3. How to Control your risk?


We at Learning Stocks - share market training focus on developing this Business like approach towards investing/trading. Share market is nothing but a Business of a different kind! Anyone can be successful in it!  What you need is developing the right kind of thinking and making the right kind of preparation!

We Wish you a Happy and Prosperous Trading/Investing journey.

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